Earth Hour

Friday, 7 December 2012


Mi Amor:
A year ago, had anyone asked me to forecast the next 12 months I would never have gotten it right coz I would have missed the key element i.e. US or PATRISANI, PSQUARE, PNP...
 I thank God you didn't think the case I made against us dating was reason for you to walk away... With each day I have grown to know and love you more...

Have so much to say but I am failing to come up with sentences which make sense. In this year I have been with you I have learnt a lot, let go of a lot of stuff. A song by Dolly Parton comes to mind as I am writing this, it goes like:
"I wasn't looking for love when I found you Just someone to be with and have a good time But I get these strange funny feelings around you When you're not with me, you're still on my mind"

Well in this case you found me, and I couldn't help but fall in love with you. Well love didn't mess up my big plans and all in actual fact it made me dream even bigger...
Realise that when the time is right, two people work towards the same goal and God agrees with them their relationship flourish!!!

I am looking forward to knowing you more and our love growing beyond our imagination!!! May God bless us with many more happy memories

Happy anniversary, my love.  I love you now and forever.

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  1. Oh mi gosh!!! I am so excited for you both. Now you guys are making it official!! Woop Woop! Hugsxxx