Earth Hour

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Consoling people #ThingsISuckAt

I suck at consoling people, I really need a crash course in this area... Someone help!!! I am open to any ideas...

Dont know if one of the reasons I suck at this is because I deal with giref and heartache in my own way... At times t works at times t doesnt, but still my system somehw works for me...

I am always praying for those close to me not to go thru heartaches nor for them to lose those close to them... Cause I never know wat to say without sounding cliche... I can cry with you or listen to u but I never see to have the write ways... At times google helps (that is if we are miles apart), but wen I really need to use my own brain, my brain usually fails me... Hopefully one day I will get better at consoling...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Munya Mahere

Gone too soon... T hurts too much that I cant even cry... I pray your family is finding comfort in the Lord right nw... May your soul rest in peace... You will forever be missed :-(

Friday, 19 August 2011

Poor planning!!!

I dont know if all of you have heard about the Shake The world (STW)campain... well if you have not let me give you a bit of background information on it...Well the STW campaign was set up to raise awareness on the MDGs (Millenieum Development Goals), and most of all, to show a worldwide audience what they can do themselves to contribute to the MDGs. Shake the World is about creating energy and a positive vibe around the goals. It represents the human face of the MDGs. Shake the World is not about being on track, or about winning or loosing. Instead, Shake The World is about collaboration, spreading positive stories and ending poverty together. (source: )

Now that we are on the same page I can tell you my story... My friends and I want to shake the world, we are always looking for ways to create positive change in communities... So the first step in shaking the world is wearing the bracelet... So after reading about how Edgars had partnered with rainbow collection in the STW campaign we decided to go to Edgars to purchase our bracelets (They sell for R20 go and get ur self one!!!)

Vee and I walk into edgars. I hate shopping so whenever I get into a shop I just ask for what I am looking for, I dont like the idea of hving to look for. So I smile at the first person I see wearing an Edgars badge, and I ask her bout the MDG bracelets but she looks at me all confused... She sends me to the Jewellery section, when i get there I am sent to the custom jewellery section... after being tossed around for about 20 minutes I decide to go to the customer service counter... The lady behind the desk tells me she doesnt know wat I am talking bout, as I am thinking of my next step I see a reflection of a tv flighting the STW campaign advert... I scream at the nearest edgars worker trying to get her to look at the advert but by the I get her attention they are already showing the blackberry advert... so we keep staring at the TV waiting for the advert to come up again... When t eventually comes the lady tells us she does not know anything bout the campaign...She looks through this month's Edgars magazine and there isnt anything bout the campaign... Feeling very defeated we start to find our way out of the shop and then I spot the STW poster, just as I am bout to throw a fit I then see a box full of the bracelets... I am so overjoyed, then I tell the till operator that I hv been searching for these everywhere... she goes like if twasnt for the morning live episode she watched she wudnt hv had a clue what the bracelets where for, but then she still did not know the full story... As someone who has a passion for education I took sometime to educate them bout the MDGs...

But i was so appalled by the way EDGARS handled the campaign... went they supposed to educate their staff before reaching out to the rest of the population??? How can someone promote something they do not know about??? What happened to living my the proverb CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME???? I still want to take this up with someone in management at EDGARS... for now I am happy I wearing my bracelet #MDG2


Trying not to lose hope but t has been more than 4 days... You left all the important things on your desk (ID, passport, wallet and phone), how do we trace you??? how are you surviving??? What is going thru ur mind??? What did u mean by harrassment??? Why leave an abstract note??? Why didnt you explain the situation fully so that finding you wud be easy... I am still hoping all this is just a joke which has gone too far...

Posters with your face are everywhere, hv u seen them??? Where are you???


Thursday, 18 August 2011

When love hurts

"Sometimes it lasts in love
But sometimes it hurts instead."

That phrase keeps playing in my mind as I am trying to fight the tears... Why does it seem like I always fall for men who are difficult to love??? is it because my dad is a difficult man??? Shudnt the fact that my dad is difficult stir me towards the xtra loving men??? Or maybe tis because I am too fragile thus I bruise easily... How do I toughen up??? I tell myself nxt time I will stay away from him but then I find myself longing for his company... Somehow in that time of need I forgot bout all his flaws... Is this wat they call unconditional love???

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Unlikely help!!! Ubuntu still exists...

Monday 20 june, started off as a normal day, woke up at 4:30am. Was trying to multi-task at the same time I was running late. My phone rang which was my q to leave the house. As I was leaving my bedroom I peeped into my handbag making sure everything I needed was there. At the same time I was making mental notes for the event I was planning.

The drive to joburg was painless, I was busy updating my friend(who had me sacrificisng my sleep coz she needed company) bout the upcoming event I was planning. My friend dropped me off at the bus stop. I confidently hopped on to the taxi, feeling more beautiful than ever... The problem only came when I had to pay for the taxi ride... I searched everywhere for my wallet even in the most unlikely places... When I was finally convinced that I ddnt hv my wallet, I fumbled thru my bag, counting my loose change hoping t cud amount to R5... Confusion struck, ddnt knw wat to tell the taxi driver... As you might knw, taxi drivers can be very rude and arrogant... While I was trying to come up with a plan, the taxi driver bellowed something in his language which I translated into "Pay up young lady"... I recounted my loose change hoping that by some miracle I nw had R5... At a loss of words and a plan, I heard a soft voice asking me how much I needed... I cudnt believe my ears, I wanted to tell her that I wud pay her back but then I realised that t was highly unlikely (So I made a mental note that I will pay it forward (help the next person))... I softly told the lady that I was R1 short... After I had paid, the taxi driver had a field day with me, luckily I my stop wasnt that far away... When I alighted the taxi I cud feel tears rushing into my eyes.... For a moment I toyed with the idea of letting the tears stream down my face but then something hit me... At that moment I told myself to count it all pure joy, especially since my belief in Ubuntu had been restored... I told the devil that he was a liar and that all my plans wud go accordingly!!!