Earth Hour

Monday, 5 September 2011

Reincarnation of MR BIG!!!

A few months ago,I said goodbye to my Mr Big... After a year of an on and off relationship which was going nowhere, because Mr Big wasn't really available .. I finally put an end to the relationship which had ended years ago but I had been in denial... Mr Big had somehow turned into an imaginary boyfriend and was stopping me from getting into meaningful relationships which were real...
Finally I felt ready for a relationship, so I decided to wear my dating shoes which I had somehow hanged while "dating" Mr Big... But somehow I feel like the person I chose has too many Mr Big tendencies... Is it that Mr Big's spirit is chasing after me and has somehow reincarnated itself in this new guy??? Or maybe I am just overanalysing things...


  1. or maybe you went and found a new Mr Big, with the exact same attributes...just a different wrapping